Stop Snooping

If you are snooping on your woman then your relationship is already in big trouble at this point.

First piece of advice is stop snooping. I know it's addictive, I know you get a rush and need the reassurance, but please just stop. It will not do you any favors.

Not only does snooping demonstrate a lack of trust, but is also an exercise of you violating someone else's privacy and therefore their trust.

You may think that is all well and good if they are doing something wrong. But even so, respect their privacy. They may be completely innocent.

The constant need for reassurance will not be settled by snooping. If you are insecure enough as to need constant reassurances of fidelity then you have bigger problems at hand. You can solve these problems and they can be dealt with. But you need to own the issue and commit to solving it. Searching for text messages or looking on Facebook just avoids actually dealing with the problem.

If you are caught it could be the end of the relationship. This is not a risk you want to take. Especially if you have been caught once and promised to respect her privacy. The second and third offenses only increase the likelihood that she will drop you for being insecure.

Even if you do carry on the relationship being caught out for snooping will drive a big wedge between you and will make it incredibly difficult to have a healthy level of mutual trust.

Instead of snooping you need to sit down with your partner and share your concerns with her. You don't have to say, "I think you are seeing someone else." Be less confrontational and say, "Things have become a little distant between us. Is something going on?"

Whatever it is that is the issue it needs to be solved mutually and with respect. Snooping is not respectful and it is not dignified. Resist the temptation and just don't do it.

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