A Success Mindset And Badass Attitude Affect All Areas Of Life

Developing a success mindset and badass attitude affects everything that you do.

When you have one it is almost like everything you touch turns to gold.

There is a reason why there are a wide range of topics covered on this site. All are about personal development. And all are targeted specifically at young men. But they cover some broad themes.

Why don't I just write about one specific topic and perfect that one? Because the success mindset I have and badass lens through which I view the world affect my whole life and everything that I do.

When you change the way you perceive things you change the way you act. When you change the way you act in one area of your life it changes things in other areas.

For you as you adopt a success mindset and develop in one area you will notice positive flow on effects in all other areas of life.

A Subjective World vs an Objective World

Most people never question the assumption that the world around them is an objective place. They believe that life is how it is and that it will just happen to them in a way they cannot control. So they just go with the flow, floating through life, becoming victims of circumstance.

People who believe in subjectivity understand that their life is a clay that they can mould, a blank canvas upon which they can paint. It is the realization that your thoughts, emotions and attitudes towards life have a direct bearing on the type of life you experience. We are the creators of our lives. If you want to you can take control and create the kind of life you desire.

That is where the success mindset and badass attitude come in. Develop the right mindset and the right attitude and the way you experience your life will change. The results you see will change.

The method to becoming successful in business, successful in fitness and successful in relationships is the same.

The finer details will be different but the attitude and success mindset required never change. The details are unimportant as long as you have the mindset driving you. Most people obsess over the details and never alter their way of thinking. When you have the success mindset the details will fall into place.

When I changed my perspective from objective to subjective everything changed. The underlying attitudes I held and the way I saw the world were completely flipped. And when you change the way you see the world all aspects of your life change. When you understand that life doesn't happen to you, rather you happen to it, it has a bearing on every detail.

So my writing is not so much about going into minute detail on one specific little topic. It is about how taking up a badass subjective attitude can affect your life for the better in all sorts of various ways. The attitude and the beliefs are the underlying theme, specific things like fitness and relationships are just outputs, things that change depending on the mindset you hold.

For example let's say you are trying to lose weight but cannot seem to make progress no matter how hard you try. With an objective mindset you may say you have bad genes or that your cravings are uncontrollable. Either way you will not take ownership because you believe the world is against you and rationalize it as someone else's problem that no matter how hard you try you can't lose weight. You could read the most detailed books, papers and websites in the world on weight loss, but with that attitude you will see no results.

But if you adopt a subjective success mindset, believe that the world is truly your oyster and that you can achieve anything if you believe it to be possible then you will easily lose weight. And you won't need to read 100 websites to do it. This is because you will have internalized the idea that nothing just happens to you without you directing the experience. You will take responsibility for your problem without apportioning blame and you will commit to putting one step in front of the other on the road to change. You will stay on the path because you understand that you and only you can change. It is nobody else's fault and nobody owes you a favor.

I'm no more of an expert on any one topic than most people. However I do read widely, am a sponge for information and try a lot of things most people would consider out of the ordinary. But I live life with a completely different perspective. I see everything through a lens of success. Nobody needs to give you permission to adopt this success mindset. You do not need to have achieved anything specific before you are qualified to wear the success lens and adopt the success mindset. You just choose to do it. For that reason I feel I have the license to make comment on a wide range of things, because I'm making comment from a radically different perspective.

Being Badass At One Thing Has A Flow On Effect

When you make a change in one area of life it has positive flow on effects in others. So achieving breakthroughs in personal development in one area will open up new doors in other areas. I've done this many times, had changes in one area that have flowed on to others.

When I started getting into personal development the first area I targeted was my body and physical fitness. This is a great way to learn to set and achieve goals. It's also excellent for learning how to continually build towards something with ever increasing excellence.

The discipline you develop through physical fitness helps you form other good habits. I found it especially helpful in starting my online ventures. It helped me push through those hard times where I felt I was spinning my wheels and I didn't appear to be getting any results. I knew that if I stayed focus on the goal and kept working on it results would happen. And they did. I trusted the system.

Building a business has a major influence on personal development. First you have to pick up a whole new skill set you might not have. You have to risk time and money. You have to put yourself out there for the world to see. This is really hard because it opens you up to both praise and criticism, but it is a major growth experience. And then you have to have the discipline to see it through.

Being in the military elevated my skills to the next level across every part of my life. I learnt to take physical training to the max (becoming even more of a health and fitness freak), I developed excellent personal and domestic habits, I refined my leadership ability and I learnt some good social etiquette.

You don't have to try and change everything at once. In fact if you do it will be easier to give it up and slip into bad habits. Focus on one thing at a time and watch the flow on effects. Once you have mastered one thing then progress to another.

How To Develop The Success Mindset

Expect To Succeed

It's simple really. But many people have the erroneous attitude that if you expect the worst and hope for the best you will never be disappointed. The problem with this is that if you expect the worst you often experience the worst. Successful people always expect the best. Naturally if a lesser outcome occurs then they deal with it. Perhaps it means more disappointment but it also means more success. If you expect success you are more likely to achieve it. In any event there is no reason to be despondent if you fail. You just do better next time. The only way to truly fail is to quit. With a success mindset you will always reach your goal if you perservere.

Don't Be A Victim, Consciously Create

Never blame your circumstances, your parents, someone else, the economy, the world, the President. If you play the victim you constrain your ability to direct your life in the direction that you want. Consciously create the life you desire. Forces may try and thwart you, both externally and your own internal demons but if you have a strong will then you will always find a way. If you play the victim you give up and you have no hope of going anywhere other than which ever way the river of life is flowing.

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Every time you try and step outside your comfort zone it will funnily enough be uncomfortable. Something in your head will be fighting you. It will be a limiting belief. Perhaps in sport you take the field for a rep team. In your head you hear a voice telling you that you are not really good enough. If you are out on a date with an attractive woman the voice tells you that you are not good enough for her. Listen to this self resistance when it appears. You need to be able to identify these limiting beliefs as the first step to getting over them. Every time you spot one do not turn a blind eye. Do what is necessary to overcome it.

Point Yourself In The Right Direction And Take Small Steps

Just get started at whatever it is you want to succeed in. Point yourself in the right direction and go. There is a good saying, READY - FIRE - AIM is better than READY - AIM - AIM - AIM. Most people plan too much and never make a move. Make the move. Get going and you can always adjust later. Mindset and action positively reinforce each other. If you work on the success mindset without taking action it is useless. All action and no conscious thought can be equally useless. The mindset of success needs to be developed in conjunction with positive action. So point yourself in the general right direction and start putting one foot in front of the other in the direction you want to go.

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