How To Sweep A Woman Off Her Feet

You don't sweep a woman off her feet like a 1950s movie. This is the real world. You can't win a woman's heart by buying her roses, chocolates and dinner.

In another article I discussed how you shouldn't be scared of approaching women or be afraid that they might shoot you down.

Because women are actively looking for the man of their dreams. She wants someone to come along and sweep her off her feet.

So now let''s get into to how to actually do this.

When you sweep a woman off her feet it is not so much something you do but a badass attitude you display. You can sweep a woman off her feet in any number of ways, but it's how you do it that makes the difference. You mix confidence, mystery and a dash of cool to make a woman intrigued and then smitten.

You first capture her interest and eventually her heart. Money and gimmicks can't do this, but personality and attitude can. It's all about how you make her feel.

1. Be Confident With No Pressure

If you have just met a woman she will have her guard up. So make sure you don't put any pressure on her.

Pressure means she will reject you. She needs time to make up her mind about you.

If you ask her to meet up later or ask her for her phone number she has the opportunity to say no.

So don't ask, just make it happen. Confidently suggest you meet her later at some specific time or give her your phone number and then disappear. Walk away.

This way she doesn't have to say no - there is no pressure on her to not hurt your feelings.

And it makes you look good.

She can think about you in her own time and make her decision. Maybe she won't turn up where you suggest or call you.

But maybe she was so curious that she will feel compelled to get to know you a bit more.

The mistake most young men is by trying too hard when they first meet a woman or make their first move. This puts a woman off because they feel pressured. A badass doesn't actually care if she calls or not. So be confident but a little blaise. Don't let her know that you would give your left testicle to take her on a date. Keep your cards close to your chest.

2. Look Her In The Eye

Women are used to having a guy look at them up and down or sneak glances at their chest. This is so instinctive for most men that we don't even realize we are doing it.

If you maintain eye contact with a woman and manage to restrain yourself from checking her out you will instantly gain some kudos from her.

By looking her in the eye you demonstrate that you are interested in her personality and not just her physique, however stunning it may be. Woman know when they are showing off the goods. Show her you are a man who has control and restraint over his sexual desires.

The other benefit of looking her in the eye is that it radiates confidence. Most people, man or woman, are unable to hold eye contact for very long. It makes them uncomfortable. A total badass maintains eye contact and forces the other person to break it. It's a sign you are the alpha male.

3. Don't Just Hear Her Voice, Actually Listen

There is a difference between hearing the words that come out of someone's mouth and actually listening to what they are saying.

When most people take part in conversation they don't listen, they just wait for their turn to speak.

Listen to your woman. Understand the emotion and feeling that comes with what she is saying. Appreciate her perspective, even if it is stupid.

Women aren't always accustomed to men actually listening to them. Do this simple thing and she will melt.

4. Be Yourself

The three points above aren't tricks or gimmicks. They are merely the result of confidence and good manners. There is no formula you must follow to sweep a woman off her feet. You just have to be yourself.

Become a man that makes women swoon. And if you are not yet that man don't try and come up with some way to fake it. Work on yourself, become a better man on the inside and it will improve your chances of succeeding when you want to sweep a woman off her feet.

The people who are most successful with women aren't the ones who know all the tricks. It's the ones who, when they are being themselves, can provide the goods. Trying too hard to sweep a woman off her feet by being someone you are not will not help in the long run.

If you want to know more about how to be the type of man that effortlessly sweeps women off their feet then I recommend "The Tao Of Badass" dating program.

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