How To Sweep A Woman Off Her Feet

The idea that you have to sweep a woman off her feet is all a bit bullshit really.

It's a cultural stereotype instilled from movies and romantic novels.

Men are told that to win a woman's affection they must prove their worth with displays of heroism and bravery. They are taught that they start from a position of "not good enough" but if they work hard enough they can impress and win the girl.

Women are told that they should expect a man to work his ass off to woo her. If he doesn't then he isn't trying hard enough and so doesn't actually care about her. Which means she must not be good enough to be an object of his affection.

It's all a bit twisted really. It causes low self esteem and insecurity issues in both sexes. Men continually think they aren't good enough to win women and women think they aren't good enough if no prince charming has come along to claim them.

No one has to believe this myth. After all it's only a fictional storyline. But it's so ingrained in our culture that it affects all of us to some degree.

So back to the issue of how to sweep a girl off her feet. You can try and follow the storybook script and be that heroic guy who woos her with displays of bravery and affection.

Or you can try the much simpler and more effective method of just being an authentic, confident man who isn't afraid to take the lead.

It's much easier because all you have to do is be yourself. It's much more effective because women are so used to insecure men who try and win them, that they will be swept off their feet by the rare sight of a genuine man who is confident isn't afraid to express his desires.

How To Sweep A Woman Off Her Feet

sweep a woman off her feet

1. Be Authentic

Being authentic means being yourself and being comfortable being yourself. It means you are upfront and unapologetic about who you are, what you desire and what your weaknesses are.

You don't need to over think how you engage with women. You just talk to them as a confident guy who is comfortable in his own skin.

Maybe you hit it off and maybe you don't. If you don't it's no big deal. It's not all that different to meeting another guy who you just don't click with.

If you do hit it off then excellent. The conversation should flow naturally and it's clear that you enjoy interacting with each other.

2. Be Confident and Relaxed

Men grow up being taught to be apologetic for their sexual desires. We are told that being too forward is creepy and is not the behavior of a gentleman.

Of course there is line that one can cross to become a pervert and a creep. But we are so afraid of this line that we hide away all our desires and pretend they don't exist.

We hope that the whole attraction and dating ritual will just magically happen without any effort or risk on our part. The average man has been turned into a giant quivering pussy when it comes to being confident about expressing his sexual desires.

Shyness, nervousness, insecurity and a lack of confidence are not going to sweep a woman off her feet.

You must be confident and bold and take the lead in the interaction. Demonstrate a relaxed certainty about yourself.

Women don't like men crossing the line into creepy or threatening behavior but that doesn't mean they want wallflowers.

Most women will love a bold confident guy who is direct and upfront yet at the same time respectful and with the behavior of a gentleman.

3. Don't Pressure Her

Attractive women get hit on a lot. Chances are when you first interact with her, she will have her guard up.

Be mindful of this and don't push too hard. Put too much pressure on and she will reject you right away.

Women come to a pretty quick intuitive decision of whether they are going to give you a chance or not. You will either be put into the category of "absolutely not" or "maybe, let's see."

Yet she still needs a little bit of time to come to that decision.

One strategy that works well is to put the ball in her court. Suggest to meet later at a specific place or just give her your number instead of asking for hers. Then just walk away.

This way she doesn't have to say no and she doesn't have to hurt your feelings. It makes you look bold, confident and direct.

She can think about you in her own time and make the decision whether or not to pursue it.

This way you avoid the mistake of trying too hard and putting pressure on a girl when you first meet her. She feels forced to say yes or no. This way she is intrigued and in the absence of pressure she may open herself up to being swept off her feet.

4. Look Her In The Eye

Insecure men don't make effective eye contact. Holding her gaze will show that you are secure and confident.

Eye contact is an extremely effective way of flirting. If you are trying to sweep a woman off her feet, looking her in the eye is the best way to communicate your emotions. She will see the desire in your eyes and if she is agreeable then you can move things forward.

Looking her in the eye is also a good way to avoid ogling her breasts.

There is an acceptable level of flirtatious breast glancing that tells you that you appreciate her body. But when you talk to her it's best to look her in the eye and not stare at her chest.

5. Be Charismatic

Charisma is a word that can mean different things to different people. It's quite an open term that broadly encompasses a range of traits.

I like the interpretation of charisma that means the ability to make a person feel as if they are the most important person in the world.

If you want to sweep a woman off her feet then you need to make her feel this way. This is done through the way you engage her in conversation, the way you ask questions and the way you listen.

Be a good active listener. When she speaks, don't just hear her voice and prepare what you are going to say next. Instead be present, engaged and really listen. Don't let your mind or your eyes wander.

You want her to feel so engaged in the conversation that she brings her guard down a little and starts to open up to you. If she feels that you are really paying attention and valuing what she says she will be willing to be swept off her feet.

There is a famous quote by Maya Angelou that says "people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

If you can make a woman feel special it doesn't matter whether you get everything else wrong.

maya angelou

6. Touch Her

Breaking the touch barrier early on is a key step to sweeping a woman off her feet.

While making her feel good is crucial, one of the ways that this feeling is expressed is through touch. It shows you are comfortable and at ease, but also that you are a tactile and physical person.

The touch should come gradually and naturally. It shouldn't be forced or overdone.

7. Be Open That You Want Her

You can't sweep a woman off her feet if you are nervous about expressing your desires. Women want a bold and assertive man to be unafraid and unapologetic about expressing himself.

That's the whole point of sweeping a girl off her feet. You make her feel special, then confidently make the move and she is swept up by your dashing displays of desire.

If you are too forward with a woman who isn't into you then yes, you might come across as a creep. But if she is into you, then you can and should be forward. Be open that you want her and don't try to hide it.

Most men allow the fear of rejection to stop them taking charge and being open about what they want. But they underestimate just how effective boldness can be when a woman is open to your advances.


The whole idea of a man having to sweep a girl off her feet is a bit of a fictional construct that arguably isn't that healthy.

But you can do it in an authentic way that is just about being an assertive and confident man rather than a shy and needy guy who is trying to follow a script.

If you are a secure confident man who knows what he wants in life and you express that boldness in your dating life, you will sweep women off their feet with ease.

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Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski