She Wants You To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Want to sweep her off her feet? Sounds like a daunting prospect? It shouldn't be. Success with women and ultimately finding the woman for you isn't down to skill or technique.

It's all about attitude. Do you have the view that women are somehow programmed to repel all advances?

That you must trick or persuade them with a learned skill or method? It's not true. In fact the opposite is true. Women hate tricks.

It's only if your trick is so good and they don't see it as a trick that you will have any chance with such an approach. The best way to relate to women is be yourself and be a man.

A woman wants a man to sweep her off her feet. If you understand this then there is no reason to be daunted by women and no reason to mask your true self with cheap game.

"No woman wakes up saying "God, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today!"
- Will Smith inHitch

Women Are Just Waiting For The Man Of Their Dreams

Mr Right. The One. Prince Charming. This is a hypothetical image that lives inside the female mind. Ever since they were little girls women have been dreaming about their Romeo and how he was going to come along and sweep them off their feet.

They have been picturing their wedding day since they knew what a wedding was and they have been planning to have Mr Right's babies since they were pushing a doll around in a pushchair at 3 years old.

The older women get the stronger the urge becomes to find the man of their dreams. Their body clock is ticking; their friends are getting hitched.

This instinct lies dormant inside all females and it is up to us as men to make their dreams come true. It is a simple change in attitude that will yield great results. Women aren't a forcefield we must penetrate. They want us just as much as we want them. Keep that in mind.

So Why Do Women Shoot Us Down?

So if women want Mr Right so bad why aren't they out looking for him? And why do they shoot down men who make advances on them, men who could be Mr Right?

The little girl's dream was never for her to go out, find Mr Right and sweep him off his feet. The man must do the sweeping. It is the natural order of things even since the days of feminism and equal opportunity. You must find the women and you must make her yours.

First impressions count. When a man makes an advance on a women she will decide very quickly whether or not you could potentially fit the bill of her Mr Right, the man of her dreams. You are etiher:

  • Potentially; or
  • "Hell No!"

Most of the time it is very easy for her. The man is either a sleazebag, a pussy or just not the right fit. So she shoots him down. He's a "Hell No!"

The man of her dreams is not creepy and he is not a pussy who stands in front of her quivering as he asks her out. He is confident and assured.

Only if a women contemplates the fact that you are "possible" will you get on her radar. And the longer you stay as a possibility the more chance you have to make something happen.

So How Do You Approach A Women To Sweep Her Off Her Feet


First of all you go in with the attitude that she isn't a shield that is guarding a set of jewels. She wants a man, she just wants the right one. She is holding out for Romeo to sweep her off her feet.

Be Genuine

Women get creeps and slezebags hitting on them. It's a fact of life. So be genuine, be yourself and be interested in them as a person. It sounds simple and it is, but for some strange reason it is out of the realm of many men.

Be A Man

The man of her dreams is not a coward. Remember this is Romeo coming to sweep her off her feet. Not a nervous wreck meekly asking her to go to dinner. Be a man. Be strong.

Accept You Might Not Be A Match

You could have the right attitude, be super genuine and be as masculine as a Spartan warrior but she still might not go for you. That's okay. It happens. Don't take it as a hit to your ego. She isn't something to be conquered.

If you take one thing away from this article take this: women aren't shields or forcefields. They aren't their to be conquered. They are waiting for Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet. So don't play a game. Be that Prince Charming, make a woman's dream come true and go and sweep her off her feet.

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