The Tao Of Badass Review

Dating should be easy. If you watch any David Attenborough documentary you will see all the weird and wonderful courtship and mating rituals of all sorts of animals. They don't fidget and worry and fear. They just get on with it and start banging.

It should be that easy for us as well. We should just naturally go through our human ritual and enjoy a lot of dating and a lot of sex.

But something happened somewhere. Society got in the way. Do you feel all the doubts in your head, the fear, the voice telling you to hide your masculine instincts because they are base, vulgar and creepy? You have been subconsciously told to smother your sexuality and hide it from women lest it scares them.

Some men found a way to shut out those who told them to hide their sexuality, or they just found a way to navigate through the noise. Those men have no problems with women. Others, like me, grew up finding myself mortified of being open about expressing desires for a woman.

If this sounds like you then you could use some help.

Getting better with women is not about learning tricks, lines or faking confidence. It is about stripping away the bullshit, discovering yourself as a man and embracing your desires unashamedly.

This is where The Tao of Badass comes in.

Dating systems that just give you tricks and lines are worthless. But dating systems, like Tao, that help you understand the psychology in human mating rituals and instill genuine confidence in your natural ability to engage with women are worth their weight in gold.

A dating system isn't going to make you a better person, it's not going to teach you how to love deeply or how to overcome insecurities. But for it's stated purpose - dating - it will give you incredible assistance.

It's kind of like learning a language - a dating language that you didn't get taught properly. It seems hard to those on the outside, but once you know it you can do it effortlessly. This is something that you were taught in tribal days and even as recently as the 19th and early 20th century. But in recent times a lot of men have grown up without learning that language.

Absorb the techniques provided in the dating system, get used to them, improve your confidence with them and eventually it will all just fall into place and work on autopilot. You won't need to think about techniques because you will be speaking the language without any effort.

Your dating life is a reasonably accurate barometer of your life in general. If you are comfortable getting out there, meeting new people and interacting confidently with women then things are likely to be going pretty well. If you live in your shell and are scared to interact with women then you have a massive roadblock in your life that needs to be removed.

Every gain you make in one area of life will have a flow on effect elsewhere. If you remove the roadblock society has put in your dating life, that liberation is going to have positive benefits on your overall wellbeing.

So if you are not completely satisfied with your dating life then it is worth getting some assistance to change that. Life is too short to be lonely.

The Tao of Badass is an excellent program that I am more than happy to endorse. The author, Josh Pellicer, "get's it." While The Tao of Badass gives you tools to improve your success with women, Josh understands that it's not as simple as giving you a toolbox, it's about stripping back the layers of conditioning that are stifling your natural game.

What's In The Program?

The Tao of Badass is an ebook, where Josh Pellicer outlines his philosophy, his system and gives you specific instructions on how to improve your interactions with women, so instead of turning them off, they are open to attraction and taking things further.

The chapter titles are:

  • Gender Roles
  • Confidence
  • The System
  • The Approach
  • Tests
  • Reading Body Language
  • Creating Love
  • The Biggest Mistakes You Make

There are numerous bonuses that are worth having a good look at as well, but the ebook really stands on its own two feet.

There are two quotes in the book that really stand out for me and reflect that Josh and I are on a similar wavelength.

"Every guy has the power to be a complete badass with women."

This is so true but most guys feel like they they are the exception who will never find success. Anyone truly can be a badass with women and if it hasn't happened automatically all you have to do it decide that you want to learn how. If you are reading this then you have probably already decided that you will take matters into your own hands.

"Most guys view success with women as something that just happens to them...we are the kind of men who create good situations."

This is central to the whole philosophy of Badass Young Men. Success does not just fall in your lap for no reason. It takes intent, dedication and work. So if you take responsibility for your life and your circumstances and you are not happy with something, then you have the power to change things.

If you are not happy with your dating life then The Tao of Badass is the resource you need to start making changes.

Josh has got an excellent video where he introduces you to the ideas in the book. There is a lot of good stuff in the video alone, that it is worth the watch even if you don't intend to get the book.

If you want to skip the video and get straight into the book then just click on the "Order" button below the video.

I wish you all the best for your dating success.