The Three Types Of Men

There are three types of men in this world. Depending on which catergory you fall into depends on how you deal with your personal growth as a man.

The three types are:

  1. Those that seamlessly transition from boy to man in a natural way.
  2. Those for whom the transition doesn't happen naturally. But they take it upon themselves to man up.
  3. Those for whom the transition also doesn't happen naturally but they are so oblivious and unconcerned that they never do anything about it.

The first type get it. They know what it means to be a man.

The second type didn't get it, but they understand that they didn't get it. So they figured it out on their own.

The last didn't get it at all and they still don't get it.

Those who naturally make the transition from boy to man in the modern world are lucky. And they are few. They managed to have some strong male influences in their lives that were excellent role models who guided them through the transition with little fuss.

I belong to the second category. Society did not make my transition smooth. I felt stuck half way between boy and man. Luckily I was aware enough of myself and the world to realize what was happening. So I took it upon myself to learn what I needed to learn and to point msyelf in the right direction and take the steps towards becoming a fully fledged man.

Some people in the third category are lost causes and will never figure it out. Others will in time. They may not yet realize that their masculine growth has been stunted. But soon enough it will dawn on them.

If you are on this site then you too belong in the second category. Society has failed you but at least you are aware of it. I commend you for being brave enough to admit that you have work to do and then for getting on with it.

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