Women Want A Man With Compatible Life Goals


There is a reason why people got hitched at such a young age in centuries past.

The circle of people from which you could choose your wife was incredibly small, and there was no debate about what you were going to do with your life.

In the modern world, not only is there a near infinite choice of women you can select from, but there is an infinite choice of paths you can take in your life.

This makes it difficult for modern day relationships. First you have to decide what it is you want in life, which can be hard enough, then you have to find a girl who also knows what she wants in life.

Then you need to be compatible in terms of sexual chemistry, in terms of personality and on top of that be at least somewhat compatible with regards to your life goals.

To make things that much harder, what you want in life changes all the time, particularly so when you are young. Many otherwise good relationships break down because people start moving in different directions.

The vast majority of women are not looking to shack up and just follow you around in life, as may have been the case as recently as 50 years ago. They have their own hopes and dreams and goals. However they too, know that asking a man to follow them is not possible either.

It's a tough market out there.

So what is it that she is looking for?

This seems like an incredibly difficult challenge to navigate and it is. There is not much you can do to ensure that you meet this need other than know what you want, communicate it effectively and be prepared to walk away if it is not right.

How To Make Sure You Can Walk The Path Together


1. Make Sure You Know What You Want In Life

The easiest way to figure out if you are compatible in your life goals is to actually know what those life goals are.

The older you are the easier this is, but do your best to do some soul searching and try to figure out what it is that you actually want.

If you can be clear about what you want, and hopefully she can be clear about what she wants, then you give yourselves the best shot at making it work.

Of course things change and what you want may change. But make the best decision with the information you have at the moment.

2. Adopt The Captain/First Officer Model

Even if you go into the relationship with a good idea about what you each want from life and think you can make it work there will inevitably be a clash somewhere when your paths diverge.

The Captain/First Officer Model is where the man assumes the captaincy of the relationship and the woman is the first officer.

It means ultimately the man has the final say in the decision making and he will lead the relationship when the paths diverge.

That isn't to say he is autocratic and domineering. First officer is still a significant leadership position and a good captain respects, listens to and takes advice from his first officer.

This is the model of the traditional relationship that has fallen out of favor in the feminist era. But if you can make it work in this way, and have a girl who respects that, then it makes those thorny life decisions a lot easier.

Many women who may find that their programming initially repels the idea, actually might realize they prefer it.


There are a lot of things a woman wants in a man from trust to security to sex. But if she wants you for a long term relationship or a marriage then she is going to want a reasonable degree of shared values and compatible life goals.

It isn't easy in a world brimming with choices but the best you can do is be open and honest about what your life goals are.

If she is happy to let you be the captain then there is no reason why you cannot find a way to make it work.